Smoky Brown Cockroach


Possibly native to Asia, but currently found in the United States from Florida west to Texas and north to North Carolina. They also occur occasionally in California, from the Los Angeles area north to at least Sacramento.


This species is a common outdoor cockroach, hiding under vegetation and yard debris, heavy mulch layers and thick leaf litter. They are extremely common in Texas and Louisiana and become a severe pest problem indoors there as well. They are nocturnal in habit, and as omnivores they will feed on many starchy or protein materials. The egg capsule contains around 24 eggs and it is glued to a surface by the female, usually in corners or cracks where it is somewhat hidden. The eggs hatch in about 45 days, and it takes about 200 days for the nymphs to become mature adults. Adult smoky brown roaches live about one year.


This is one of our larger roach species, with adults about 1 to 1.5 inches in length. The adults have fully developed wings that extend past the tip of the abdomen, and they are a solid dark brown color, without any yellow patches on them. Nymphs are also dark brown over most their body, but have the middle section of the thorax (the mesonotum) white to light colored, and also have white sections on their antennae.

Characteristics Important in Control:

Exclusion from the structure relies on closing openings the insects can enter, such as under doors, around windows, or through unscreened crawlspace vents. Outdoor and indoor harborage sites must be reduced or eliminated, and food sources controlled. Granular baits are effective for outdoor applications, and perimeter treatments with a residual insecticide will help control the individuals that attempt to enter a structure.