Gafford Pest Control Services Inc.’s mission is to offer the highest quality in service, the safest and most technologically sound methods of pest control management practices at all times.

At Gafford we understand the importance of using the best technology coupled with the highest trained specialists in the industry.  Your home and family come first, we have selected humane, family safe methods for our Lubbock pest control services.  Our expert staff will help walk you through the entire process for both safety and effieciency. 

  • GPCSI employees have over 195 combined years of pest and termite control experience.
  • A board certified entomologist in urban and industrial entomology on staff at all times.
  • Use the latest scientific technologies and safest pest control/pest management practices.
  • At Gafford Pest Control Services, Inc. all our technicians and field personnel are state certified and licensed. Yearly continuing education is ongoing to keep our staff on top of the latest technologies in pest management practices.

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Company History:

Gafford Pest Control Services was founded in the Spring of 1973. Over the years the business has grown from a one man operation to one of the largest pest control service companies in West Texas with a focus on Lubbock pest control. This growth can be attributed to many things, but above all else great customer service is our priority and has become the principal philosophy of our business. Gafford Pest Control Services, Inc. has become a leader in all aspects of pest and termite control methods. By utilizing the latest IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques, chemical treatment methods, and products we can offer our services to the most sensitive of clients.

In the early years of Gafford Pest Control, the company operated under various names as it merged or became partners with other local pest control firms in West Texas. As time went on Gafford Pest Control always emerged the dominant company in these unions.

Presently, Tim Gafford and his wife Belinda own and operate the family business. Tim received the opportunity of a lifetime when his uncles decided to retire, and that was to own and operate his own business. In the fall of 1994, Tim and Belinda took over the family business and changed the name to Gafford Pest Control Services, Inc., which it remains as of today. Tim graduated from Texas Tech University in 1979, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Entomology. During his time at Texas Tech University Tim worked for his uncle Bill Gafford who provided encouragement and great influence that helped guide him in to the pest control industry. Following his graduation, Tim went to work in the chemical distribution business with one largest chemical distribution companies in the nation that also specialized in pest control supplies for 15 years across the United States. This experience presented a vast amount of knowledge and insight into the pest control industry which would prove to be useful in the days to come providing pest control service in Lubbock, TX.

Also involved in the family business is Wayne Barado, Tim’s stepson who has worked for the company since 1995. Wayne began working for Gafford Pest Control Services, Inc. in the Summer of 1995 while on vacation from college where he attended Illinois State University, with the intentions of going back to school in the fall. After spending an entire summer in West Texas and being on or around Texas Tech University the easy choice was made to stay. Wayne attended Texas Tech University and graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology while continuing to gain immeasurable experience and knowledge of the pest control industry while working at Gafford Pest Control Services, Inc. In the years that followed Wayne eventually attained Associate Certified Entomologist (A.C.E.) status which shows his dedication and passion for the pest control industry.

Our Pest Control Services

Termite Control

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Termite Control Services

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs can be a serious problem, not only do the bite, itch and suck your blood but they can be one of the most difficult infestations...

Bed Bug Treatment

Residential Services

Ants (excluding Fire, and Carpenter), Oriental Roaches, Earwigs, Silverfish, Spiders (excluding Black Widow and many...

Residential Pest Control

Commercial Services

Gafford Pest Control Services incorporates numerous treatment methods and uses the latest and safest products offered in the pest...

Commercial Pest Control

What Our Clients Say About Gafford!

Our extensive expertise will make sure that you gain a great service!
I always aim to provide my clients the absolute best when it comes to our products and services. Which is why I take the time to hand pick the companies I use and recommend to my clients. I use Gafford to pretreat every home we build. Gafford was the obvious choice for my company and the only company that I recommend to my clients for pest control.
Dan Wilson
Dan Wilson Homes
Being a USDA inspected plant we have to follow certain rules and regulations pertaining to any chemicals bought in or used in our plant. Gafford Pest Control has followed the correct procedures, completed all the necessary paper and has been an excellent provider of service for approximately 20 years for our business. I highly recommend them.
John Boling
Glazed Honey Ham Co.
Gafford Pest Control has been a great asset to our construction team. They have provided excellent service, no matter what time or what the requirements have been. You can trust the folks at Gafford Pest Control!!! We Have!! Rental properties, commercial construction projects, remodeling and additions, and new residential homes. They take care of us, now they can take care of you!!!
Art & Zelda Cuevas
Home Builders
Music is my passion and I love to do business with people who are passionate about their businesses. I have been friends with Tim Gafford for years and would not trust anyone else with my pest needs. This man is passionate about customer service and will stop at nothing to ensure he provides the very best in pest management to his clients.
Bo Garza
Abuelo’s Lubbock has been long term customers and friends with Gafford Pest Control. We have been customers of theirs since we opened the doors in 1989 and have never had any issues. Obviously we have had insect and rodent issues in that amount of time but when we did it was fixed immediately and without for concern for what time or day of the week it was. When I have had minor issues and called on weekends and after hours that was also addressed immediately. The main point I want to make is with the preventative maintenance programs Gafford Pest has in place for my facility I very rarely have a problem but when I do it is addressed immediately. I would highly recommend them to any person or company that wants to do business with a class organization.
Brad Spicer
AG Rentals, LTD has been working with Gafford Pest Control for over 25 years. They truly lead the pest control industry in West Texas with their superior and efficient service. They have recently updated their processes which make it even easier for our company to track problems and work on being pro-active in containing pest control issues before they ever become an actual problem. We highly recommend Gafford for all of your pest control, weed control, fertilizing and chemical yard maintenance needs.
Tricia Grimstead
AG Rentals, LTD
Isabel and I have been very pleased by service from Gafford Pest Control. The landscape and house perimeter spraying has been extremely useful. We’ve a beautiful Golden Rain tree which shades our south patio entertainment area but, this tree attracts a certain type of bug by the thousands. Gafford sprays the area in the spring and mid- to late-summer and no more bugs – it is a huge benefit to our enjoying our home. Each person who has come out to spray has been well beyond the quality of those I’ve seen from other companies (may neighbor says the same too!)
Robert Pratt
I have been using Gafford Pest control for over 20 years. When it comes to protecting my family and my home, I only trust Gafford. They have always gone the extra mile to ensure a superior level of customer service and unprecedented results. They will have my business for years to come.
Dr. Duncan Burkholder
Grace Health System

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